About SQL DataTool

SQL DataTool is developed to help you be more effective and productive. We have a lot of experience in data and database management and data analytics. SQL DataTool helps you with a few of the most tedious tasks when working with databases:

  • Comparing databases
  • Migrating changes to databases to production
  • Deploying databases on multiple servers and keeping them in sync
  • Importing data into databases

Compare and generate scripts

With SQL DataTool you can easily compare databases between different servers and clients. One scan gives you the differences, and an easy way to sync or deploy the databases.

Error handling made easy

Ever tried to import large files into a database? We did, lots of times. And lots of times we could not import the data due to errors in the data. Other tools and import wizards that promise you to help you import the data will stop importing when an error occurs. And you will never know what caused the error. This is different with the SQL DataTool.

We developed SQL DataTool to give you a solution to this annoying errors during data import.

Limit rework in data importing

Our experience is that data analytics is repetitive, meaning that good analysis are requested time and time again. When you have to configure the import parameters every time, it might get annoying. At best it is time consuming.

We developed SQL DataTool to make the rework of importing data less time consuming (and less annoying).

Import different types of files

We experience that data is delivered in different formats from time to time. Sometimes it is delivered in spreadsheets, other times it is delivered to us in plain text. However, in the end, we want the data in the same format in the database.

We developed SQL DataTool to be able to handle multiple file formats.


Please contact us when you have questions, suggestions or remarks about our product or services.