Excel files

SQL DataTool has the option to import Excelfiles into SQL databases. You are able to import multiple sheets of one excel at the same time to one or different tables.

Import Excel

When you want to import an Excel file, first select the system and systemversion to link the right datamodel. Then select as source type the 'MS Excel' option and select the file that you want to import. On the right hand side of the screen, you can see which sheets are available in the Excel file. You can select for each sheet a table. If you do not want the current existing data in the SQL database to be deleted, check the 'Append?' checkbox.

Import Excel files

If you want to import data into a new table, and want to append the other sheets in the same table, do not check 'Append?' for the first sheet. You have to check the checkbox 'Append?' for the second and third (and further) sheets, so the data of the first sheet will remain in the new table.

Add prefix

When you want to add a prefix to each table that you import, select the 'Table prefix' option. You can then enter a new table prefix, or use an already existing prefix. Each table that is imported using the SQL DataTool Excel import function, will be prefixed with the entered text.


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