Export and import data model

SQL DataTool offers the functionality to define multiple data models. You might not be the only one that uses that data model. Therefore, we made it easy to share your data models with others by adding the export and import functionality.

To export a data model, you should use the export button in the System section.

Data model Export and Import
Data model Export and Import

When you click on 'Export', all the systems, versions and tables will be exported to and sdf-file. This is all the information that can be maintained in the 'Data model' screen of the SQL DataTool. The exported file is saved to the location that is indicated in the configuration (General >> Export files to). The file itself is named 'systems.sdf'

To import the exported file, just use the import button in the same section. A file selection screen will open, where you can select the exported data model. When the import is finished, you will find that all the systems, versions and tables are available in the SQL DataTool where you have imported them. Now you can share your data models easily, without having to create them on each computer.


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