Compare and report differences in SQL databases

This functionality enables you to compare different SQL server databases. You can compare the schemas, tables, columns, views and procedures. Besides that, SQL DataTool also allows you to compare the users that have access to the database.

You can open the screen for comparing databases by clicking on the 'Compare databases' menu item.

Compare databases
Compare databases

The above screen shows the basic screen where you can compare SQL databases.

Different options exist for comparing databases. You can either review details of a database by selecting only the 'Source database' and leave the 'Target database' at value 'None'. Or you can compare two databases when you also select the 'Target database'.

The 'Source database' is by default the database to which the SQL DataTool is connected. You can also select a different SQL Server database when you select the option 'Other database'. As 'Target database' you can select the value 'Other database'.

When you select 'Other database' as source or target database, you will have to enter or select the database server and a database. If the database requires that you have to be authenticated by the database server, you will have to check the checkbox 'Server authentication'. When you use Windows authentication, you can leave this checkbox unchecked.

By clicking on 'Compare now', the connection is setup. When you have checked the checkbox 'Server authentication', you need to enter the username and password.

The results are shown in the same screen. You can now review the complete comparisson, or just review the differences. You can also select the objects that you specifically want to investigate.


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